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Excellent team! They put in a curving sidewalk, a peanut-shaped rock island, and rock in our backyard. They completed the project when they said they would and even came back to clean the brick island border with acid. We were impressed with their professionalism. The owner was responsive when we called to ask questions, which is rare in this city. Thank you!
Sharon S. 03/05/2014

Great job!!
I was very impressed by the quality of the work done at my home and Abe helped me understand everything that was going to be done. Abe and his crew are very professional. I highly recommend Abe and his crew for any landscaping.
Tina Parker  06/29/2013

Great workers, great work, reasonable prices. They returned my email request promptly, gave me a good estimate, arrived on time, Did all the work I needed and were super nice and polite helpful and gave me advice on taking care of my yard. Manuel’s crew was great, cannot say enough good things about them. Highly recommend them to anyone, home or business.
Juang  05/23/2013

Abescape is a great, true customer service driven, prompt professional organization. Abraham is true to his word when he says he will visit your home and, provide a quote for landscaping work . Words cannot express my true satisfaction with Abraham and his wonderful employees. Abescape is one of a kind when it involves professionalism. I recently had two mulberry trees pruned and they were left absolutely perfect. Abescape’s men are courteous and leave a clean site after work is complete. I highly recommend Abescape to anyone looking for a true, loyal landscaping company. I will continue to utilize Abescape’s services for any future projects.
sanity77  03/21/2013

I am thrilled with the work of Abe and his crew. They are responsive to phone calls, come at the time agreed upon, etc. Believe me, this is not the norm for so many businesses in El Paso. Abescape installed a new irrigation system in my backyard as well as revamping an old irrigation system in the front yard which was no longer functional. Now it is performing like new! Abescape’s ground maintenance is also wonderful – my yard is clean and nicely manicured. Abe has wonderful ideas to improve the look of my yard and I look forward to working with him on these improvements as well as continuing the great ground maintenance service. Thank you Abescape!
westiebaby 03/07/2013

Outstanding Work! Abescape took my boring front yard and dead back yard and brought them both back to life. Excellent, clean, and honest work by Abe and his men. Highly recommend this company, they will do what you ask and keep you abreast of of their progress or changes that may be required. Thank you Abescape!
Virginia Castillo 02/28/2013

I was researching online for someone who could take care of my backflow that connects to my sprinkler system, I left several messages with other companies and they wouldn’t return the phone call. When I called Abe at Abescape, he IMMEDIATELY answered my phone call and set up a time to give me an estimate. Abescape’s work on my backflow and pricing was excellent and everything is working great! I called him several days ago to ask about a key to my sprinkler system and he brought me one within a few days. I would highly recommend Abescape’s service to anyone! Thank you Abescape!
Norma J. Clement 02/20/2013

I was looking for a reliable company to do my mothers yard since she is handicapped. I have received poor service and work in my days and it is hard to trust companies nowadays. I came upon this company and read their reviews, I was impressed on what I read and called the owner Abraham. He sent two outstanding workers Lorenzo did a fantastic job along with a companion and they even did a swell job when it was windy and snowing!!!! Wow. I was impressed with the work ethic and professionalism, I recommend this company to everyone in El Paso who needs any kind of work done on their yard. I am happy as well as my mother who quite frankly is very hard ti impress!!!! Araham, the owner, is a great businessman and was generous with me. Thanks a million!
Martin Ruiz 02/08/2013

What can I say about Abescape Landscaping? They are awesome!!!!! Our family is so pleased with their service and how the owner will take the time to listen to your concerns and set up a plan to reinvent your yard! His education and knowledge on land irrigation and professional landscaping will knock your socks off. His team is friendly and so sweet they take time to answer questions and if they don’t know they will contact their boss. They arrive on time and if they are running behind then you are contacted via telephone or text. And they are very inexpensive. Simply amazing and very professional. It feels good to actually have a real team vs craigslist or a door to door. These landscaping companies better watch out because they will lose their clients FAST!!!!! Our home is definitely taken care of. As long as we are here Abe and his team will always have our business! Sincerely, Very Pleased Client
Shunda S.Parks 01/21/2013

I had my first service with Ab…
I had my first service with Abescape today. If every service is like today, then I will be a very very satisfied customer. Abescape worked with me on a plan for my lawn, set a time, and arrived on time and did everything he promised. I don’t think you will be taking any chances with this service, it is exceptional!
Earl Arbogast 12/13/2012

Great service. The team was very kind and efficient. My yard was a jungle in the making before Abescape came through and took care of business. Now I’m not the house with the over grown weeds in the yard. Looks really good! Thanks Abescape.
Belinda G. 9/26/2012

Highly recommended! I originally asked for 3 quotes from different landscapers and chose Abescape because Abraham is professional, timely, and doesn’t try to overcharge me from the original quote. His work is outstanding and I am a very happy client. He is also very nice and can be contacted via text, calls, and e-mail, which is convenient. Other landscapers were no-shows, gave higher rates, or cancelled on my consultation appointments last minute. Thank you Abe for a job well done!
loveislove 09/10/2012

Abescape is a great company,I haved used there services for 3 years and abraham had maintained my lawn great,repaired my irrigation system, has shaped my shrubs so detailed and beautiful,His employees are great ppl! His manager manuel is always so helpful ,they have transformed my landscape,there on schedule and really take pride in their work..great service! great work!
godIsGoodgalindo 08/23/2012

I liked that Abe took the initiative to seek my business and I was not disappointed. Abe is prompt, sticks to the time schedule he promises and is thorough. Abe tackled in one day what others have taken two to three days to accomplish. I will hire and recommend Abe without reservation.
Ricardo Dominguez 07/18/2012